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Dr. Staci Blume
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CBD Oil?

Let me tell you why.

For several years, I've had patients, clients and friends asking my opinion on CBD Oil. They know I take all aspects of health very seriously, and that I'd give them my honest evaluation.

Until recently, my answer to "THE CBD QUESTION"  had been:

"I don't know enough to give you an opinion one way or the other!"

Over the last 6+ months, I've finally carved out the time to do my own research. What I found out was absolutely fascinating. 

Who knew we had an endocannabinoid system?

Ok, so no one knew until the early 1990's but still....you think we would have learned about this latest development in school, right? 


With more research on the endocannabinoid system happening every day, and the effect of CBD on that system, so far, the resounding theme is that this plant-based compound has a wide range of potential health benefits. When used correctly, CBD can be a great addition to a person's health regimen.

I'm picky. Not high-maintenance - but picky. If I'm going to pay good money for a supplement, I want to know it's the highest quality, and doing what it's supposed to in my body. I don't like throwing money away - I don't know anyone who does! You want your nutritional supplements - CBD Oil or anything else - to be of high enough quality that it can have its intended effect. 

So, as with all things, I'm particular about my CBD Oil, how it's made, how clean it is, etc. If you want your CBD Oil to have the ability to help modulate your system - whether it be reduce inflammation, improve focus or sleep...it is imperative that you're selecting only the highest quality product.

Here's what I looked for when selecting a product - and what I suggest you look for, too.

There is nothing more important than your health.

Make sure the CBD product you choose is the cleanest, most effective and highest quality available! 

I wouldn't trust my family's health to anything less, and you shouldn't either.

~Dr. Staci

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